Cisco ASR 1000 Series

The Cisco ASR 1000 Series Aggregation Services Routers transform the service provider and enterprise network edge by delivering industry-leading performance, instant-on service capabilities, and high availability in a compact form factorFor service providers, the Cisco ASR 1000 Series facilitates more flexible, efficient, and cost-effective delivery of complex consumer and business services. And for enterprises, it delivers a highly reliable, high-performance WAN edge solution where information, communication, collaboration, and commerce converge.  All models use the innovative and powerful Cisco QuantumFlow Processor, which provides a huge leap in performance and resiliency for network processors.

Part NumberPart Description
ASR 1001Cisco ASR1001 System, Fixed ESP & RP, Crypto, 4 Built-in GE, Dual P/SRequest a Quote
ASR 1002Cisco ASR1002 Chassis, 4 built-in GE, Dual P/S, 4GB DRAMRequest a Quote
ASR1004Cisco ASR1004 Chassis, Dual P/SRequest a Quote
ASR1006Cisco ASR1006 Chassis, Dual P/SRequest a Quote
ASR1013Cisco ASR1013 Chassis, Redundant P/SRequest a Quote
ASR1000-RP2Cisco ASR 1000 Route Processor 2, 8GB DRAMRequest a Quote
A9K-MPA-20X1GEASR 9000 20-port 1-Gigabit Ethernet Modular Port Adapter, requires SFP opticsRequest a Quote
A9K-MPA-4X10GEASR 9000 4-port 10-Gigabit Ethernet Modular Port Adapter, requires XFP opticsRequest a Quote
Other ASR1000 hardwareRequest a Quote